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Upload up to 5 posters

Poster Guidelines

1. Paper sizes are 36" and 42". One of your poster dimensions should be 36 or 42!

2. Upload will only accept PDF. Please choose one of the sizes available when making your poster.

3. Posters must be uploaded 24 hours in advance.

4. PowerPoint maximum size is 56. If you need bigger, divide the poster in half.

5. I cannot make your 8 1/2 x 11 inch poster 36 x 72. I can only print the same aspect ratio of the original poster.

6. Circles should be round, so pull graphics from the corner when sizing them. Don't crush people from the top or side to make a picture fit!

7. Always use the highest resolution graphics availabe. Only you can prevent jagged lines.

8. Get your School of Pharmacy logos here!

9. We have a template for you, too.

Due to rising costs, posters are now $25 each, effective 3/10/20.